We prefered to introduce and speak about us, the SaySoft staff, before introducing our software and our services because, if it were not for this creative, helpful and close-knit team , there would be neither software nor services. In fact, the Geniality of our team is on the basis our success.

Our philosophy: A Genial Group to offer a guarantee of continuity over time.

Obviously, the definition and philosophy of Genius or Ingenius, is not ours, but we wanted to adopt it.

It is worth spending a moment to read it:
We need, before speaking about Geniality, to mention other two philosophies: The Thesis and the Method.
The term Thesis (from Greek θῆσις) is a direct movement. Like a hand that goes up and down or an arrow that flights strait. The thesis is the shortest route between the problem and its solution .
The term Method (from the Greek  μέθοδος , Methodos) , is that set of processes put in place to achieve a purpose or specific results. In other words, it is the most harmonic and most feasible route between the problem and its solution, avoiding obstacles and difficulties.
A Genius is the one who manages to combine and optimize these two philosophies .

Today’s Market and the actual agri-food sciences are so complex that it is almost impossible to be an Ingenious. Today, one needs to be specialized. As a matter of fact, we do not have neither the time nor the opportunity to be immediate and methodical at the same time.

We at SaySoft , we have worked years to create a Homogeneous and Ingenious Group.

Formed by a group of Software Engineers, Nutritionists, Animal Production Specialists and Industrial Engineers and working in close-knit teams, SaySoft was able to combine the method with the thesis, the design with the mathematics , the theory with the reality.






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