The Online Abstracts submission page is a wonderful tool for Scientific Conferences Organizers.
It can be used as a stand alone application or incorporated in any html web page.

Features and characteristics

  • Web pages  and databases based on HTML5, PHP and MySQL technologies;
  • Responsive;
  • Can be incorporated in iFrames of other web pages
  • Secure and certified HTTPS://
  • Users-Reviewers Login Management.
  • Daily and weekly Database Backups.

Reviewing and moderating

  • Possibility of assigning more than one reviewer per session (Topic): The abstracts reviewing will be distributed in a balanced way to the reviewers. 
  • Possibility of assigning one or more Moderators (super reviewers).
  • Reviewers can manage their abstracts online through the « Authors’ Portal ».
  • The Reviewer MAY or MAY NOT (according to the scientific committee requests) edit or modify the abstract text. They can anyway comment and suggest the corrections to the author.
  • Each Reviewer will have access and manage “only” the abstracts assigned to him or to her.
  • The Moderator (Super Reviewer) has a global access to all the submitted and not submitted abstracts.
  • Authors, through a secured access, can edit and submit more than one abstract.  
  • The Moderator can act on ANY PART of the abstract’s content.

Statistics and tools:

      Periodically, the moderator will receive an Excel file automatically generated by the "database abstract" summarizing the temporary situation of bids 
      The file contains :

  • A complete list of abstracts
  • Statistics on: Reviewers work load, Countries , Topics, presentations
  • Names and status of the author’s abstract(as well as the name of the reviewer)
  • Details and publishable content of the summary.
  • Reviewers and moderators comments

Book of Abstracts

The application includes the editing (Creation ad layout) of the Book of Abstracts in a Microsoft Word document or ready to print PDF document.
The application provides a cloud based database with a Search Engine for abstracts, posters, full papers and slide show presentations.
All the conference data will also be provided on an offline USB drive.







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